When Joel and Sam met, it was immediately clear that they shared a long-term goal: to start a fund where the investor only pays for performance. The Warren Buffett Partnerships model in mind.



Sam gained experience as an entrepreneur in his parents’ four multimedia stores,
which he later owned together with his sister.

He has been actively involved in investing since 1999, but only began consistently
applying the principles of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, the sustainable rules of value investing, from 2004 after his first few years of learning. Sam wrote an extensive course on the best practices of value investing, which formed the basis of his book “Double Your Money in Five Years”. Since 2011, he has been an analyst and chief editor for investment magazines (BeursLoper, SMART Capital, BeursMagazine).

Investing is not a science. Investing is a craft. You can learn the techniques, but the rest comes down to practice, experience and emotional control.

Sam Hollanders

Joël has thirty years of experience in ICT, fifteen of which as a managing partner of Newtel. Following the merger with sister company Nextel, he exited through the sale to Telenet in 2018.

As a former youth chess player, he has retained his passion for chess. In 2010, the Go for Grandmaster non-profit organisation was founded with the aim of providing additional incentives and opportunities for Belgian top youth to reach the world top level. These days, you can find Joël on rented sailing boats or occasionally in Nieuwpoort as a sailing instructor.

My passion is to teach young people. That is why I like to be a guest speaker for VFB (Flemish Federation of Investors), give guest lectures or organise webinars myself.

Joël Schols



Optimal transparency

No chasing hypes

Only the long term matters

Alligned interests

No bureacracy

Fair cost structure

No second-rate investments

Independent thinking

We wish for the right partners at our side

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These world class investors have shown us the way to the fairest cost model for an equity fund. Both have applied the 0/6/25 principle for their investors: 0% management fee as long as a 6% return is not achieved. 

Warren Buffett


1957 – 1969 Buffett Partnerships

Buffet is the very first investor to start a fund on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis. He learned the principles of value investing from his teacher Benjamin Graham at Columbia Business School.

His results speak for themselves. From 1957 onwards, there was no less than a 31.6% annual return, a phenomenal result. Each dollar invested had grown to almost 27 dollars in 12 years.

Guy Spier


1997 – present Aquamarine Fund

Spier calls himself a passionate disciple of Warren Buffet. He is a fervent proponent of the 0/6/25 principle. He organised a symposium on the “zero management fee” theme which persuaded us to apply it.

In the meantime, we have come to know Guy as not only a good investor, but also a very amiable man. We feel blessed to be part of the ValueX community.


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